The right side of history

ImageAs most people know, France is now debating the whole gay marriage/gay adoption deal. And when I say ‘debating’ I mean going completely nuts about it. This is definitely a step forward in human rights and an example for other countries that haven’t even started discussing this topic yet, but apparently some people took it as a sign of the end of civilization and decided to shoot themselves in the head in front of the altar of Notre-Dame, traumatizing hundreds of tourists.

I’m talking about Dominique Venner of course, a French historian who had strongly opposed the mariage pour tous law ever since it was first conceived, and had the brilliant idea of committing suicide as a way to ‘awaken the memory of our origins’.

Let me start off by saying that I deeply respect everyone who has ever put his or her own life in dangerin order to fight for what they believe in…this is so not the same though. I mean, I really don’t get why someone would do such a thing when all that’s going on is a part of the population finally having access to a fundamental right. No one is stealing, no one is killing, no one is making anybody marring someone they don’t want to marry. I will never get why they care so much. I will never get why they think they have the right to say whether or not people can get married, after all nobody is telling them what to do. I don’t think anyone in their right state of mind will take this “act of protest” seriously, even though it has been praised by some, and I sure hope this won’t slow the validation process of the law down.

What this man didn’t understand -and, unfortunately, many others still don’t- is that gay marriage is inevitable and sooner or later it will happen, whether they like it or not. You may wonder why I am being so confident about it. Well, it’s easy: I know that the majority of the people opposing these reforms simply don’t know enough on the subject, all we have to do is talk about it and stand up for what we believe in and the rest will follow. Because many times what people lack is proper information and tangible proof, so let’s give them that. We are on the right side of history.


Any thoughts?

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