Why I’m so obsessed with Cece Frey


Unlike most people, whose taste is consistent and specific, mine is all over the place. If I had to put in a basket everything I like, I’d get a crazy huddle of things where my many Passions wouldn’t get on at all, would laugh at each other behind their backs or hit one another vigorously. I don’t really know why this is -maybe it’s because I’m so chaotic and passionate- but whenever I like something I always end up obsessing over it. I don’t love many things, but I sure love them enough to keep busy most of the time. I’m talking about Harry Potter, slash, my eyebrows, Spock, Shakespeare, Fast and Furious and Cece Frey.

Now that you’ve read my list it’s easy to realize that if he could -and if he had any idea of what a talent show is-, William would frown upon me intentionally tuning in to see The X Factor. I can’t even imagine what he’d say knowing that I’ve done it for two months straight.

I’m not the kind of person who follows talent shows, because I find them boring. After a couple of episodes I already know who is going to win and the judges’ quarrels -even though Simon Cowell is hilarious- are never enough to restrain me from wandering off in search of some other activity. But this time something went differently. For the first time a talent show got me hooked and kept me glued to the screen with my breath held up to the third-to-last episode. This is all thanks to Cece, obviously.

Probably anyone who hasn’t watched an episode of The X Factor USA 2012 has no idea of who I’m talking about, and this is why I’m writing an article about her. Besides having an amazing voice, Cece is super hot, super blond and super foxy.

I rooted for her ever since her first audition, not only because of her voice, but mostly because of her attitude: self-confident and a little snobbish (I’m pretty sure the producers edited the episode so that she’d come off as annoying). Unfortunately she didn’t do her best at the live shows, but in my opinion this is her mentor’s fault -Demi Lovato-, who realized that ballads weren’t her thing when it was too late. She should have had her sing Christina Aguilera since the beginning (like she had done at her first audition). I’m sure that if Simon had been her mentor she would have had a better shot at winning.

There isn’t much to know about her life: she was born in Decatur, Illinois, on June 26th 1991. She used to have brown hair but after Demi’s debated re-styling she now pulls off an awesome blond mane.

I like to think that behind Demi’s tears on the day of Cece’s elimination there was a little more than simple desperation over losing her last competitor. Snooping around on the internet I’ve discovered that it wasn’t just Lucky and I (ever since Demi’s comment after the first audition: ‘I think I have a girl crush on you’), who thought that behind their looks laid something deeper than a mere mentor-mentee relationship. This teasing theory is fueled by Lovato’s refusal to talk about these lesbian rumors during an interview. Furthermore, only a couple of days ago Demi got a tattoo that reads now i’m a warrior, which is the name Cece uses to talk about her fans.

I know that there’s probably just a friendship between them, but I like to think that that’s not all. I also keep forgetting that Cece is straight and that the guy that was with her at her first audition was her boyfriend and not her gay best friend (I’m afraid I might have a condition that causes me to see gay people everywhere).

Now Cece is performing around the US (she had a concert in Austin on May 20th), but she doesn’t have a producer yet (as some other less talented contestants from The X Factor USA 2012 do).

I really hope she’ll get all the success she deserves, and I don’t really care if I sound like a 12-year-old in love with Harry from One Direction.

You can find all her X Factor live shows on YouTube and even her original song with the band she was in before the show (“City of Light”, by Volholla).

I don’t know whether my passion for Cece comes from her being blond, a Gemini (we were born in the same month of the same year, there must be a cosmic connection), or amazing-ly hot-, but I do know that I’m a proud “warrior” and I sure hope you’ll become one too, some day.


Any thoughts?

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