Can you go gay for one person?

ImmagineI ofter wonder whether it’s possible or not to go gay for one person, to change your sexual orientation and discover that you are attracted to a woman (or a man), when up to five minutes before, you thought you were straight as an arrow.

My romantic side, that used to be the strongest one, like it is in every teen, wants to believe it’s possible. After all, psychologists say that sexuality is “fluid”, so we can’t ignore the possibility of someone getting struck by one of Cupid’s arrows and “turning gay” overnight. No, hold on, not gay: straight, but gay for that person.

I once heard an interview where a girl said that she had never been attracted to a woman before meeting her partner. She said that she loved her very much but that if they were ever going to break up she would have started dating men again. That is, because she wasn’t bisexual (nor gay, for that matter).

Even thought I love this version, I don’t know how close it is to reality.

My cynical side is in fact keep trying to make me notice that it’s not at all possible for a straight person -I mean a totally straight person-, to meet eyes with a same-sex stranger some day and just fall in love with them, without minding that thing between their legs or those weird knockers on the front. Come on, it’s science fiction. Because even though love is love -and love knows no age, race or, most of all, sex, and that’s a given-, the body is the body -and it’s the body that has sex, that’s a given, too-.

Well, whenever I ask myself this fateful question, I always end up imagining the stereotypical football player, muscular, toned legs, biceps and sweat dripping down his forehead, leaving the Prom Queen for her guy best friend. I then tell myself that there are two options: either the football player is gay (or at least bisexual) or we are indeed talking about science fiction.

The second option is as rare as it is seeing Rihanna in a decent outfit, but I’ve always been fascinated by science fiction. Even though my cynical side insists on saying that aliens aren’t real -especially Spock-, I keep on hoping to meet one someday, and I won’t stop believing that they exist. At least one, somewhere on this big planet -oops, universe-.


4 thoughts on “Can you go gay for one person?

  1. Bullying Prevention says:

    That’s an interesting question but honestly you can decide to date another man or a woman can date another woman, actor’s do it all the time and so do LGBT people, matter of fact some of us are married to a lady still, it’s known 55% of all homosexual men were married to a lady at one time, as was I. Sexuality is a difficult subject, but all and all it really depends on the presence of an open mind, an example of such a person is “Bisexual” people….cheers great and interesting blog 🙂


    • SnobbishBlond says:

      Yes you are right, it is a difficult subject, that’s why I’ve decided to address it in this post, there are so many different possibilities and paths.
      Thank you so much for sharing your experience and letting us know your opinion!


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