Legalize gay marriage already


Since I was lucky enough to be born in an environment that doesn’t really make a big deal of homosexuality (and by ‘environment’ I mean my family and close friends, definitely not my country), I tend to forget how moronically ignorant people can be on the subject. Then I start reading newspapers and I’m reminded of that.

The other day I found an article that listed some of the main opposers of the British House of Lords to the Marriage (Same Sex Couples) Bill with their “reasons”. First of all let me tell you that I don’t get why people who were never elected by anyone have the power to decide such important matters, but that’s the British system, and I’m not going to get into that (after all, I’m not British, so I don’t really have a say in it, do I?). Second of all, I’ve come to the conclusion that most people have no real reasons to be against it, they’re just weirded out and full of prejudice. In the hope that someone who needs to is going to read this blog, I’ve decided to answer back to the most common critiques to gay marriage.

Marriage has to be between a man and a woman, because that’s how god intended it.

Seriously? Every day, turning on the TV, I hear people complaining about the Middle East, saying that they let religion influence their laws and that it’s wrong. First of all, that’s a prejudice. Second of all, these are the same people that believe that marriage is between a man and a woman because god says so! Double standards much?

Marriage is a traditional institution that should be kept the way it’s always been

Ok, let’s say that some people aren’t that religious after all, this is what they come up with. If they did some research before talking, they’d realize that marriage has hardly been the way it is since its inception. In ancient Greece men in their late twenties usually married twelve, thirteen year old girls. In the Roman Empire when two people got married the woman became property of her husband, and had very few rights. Throughout history marriage has been a contract used to join two patrimonies and ensure peace between tribes or families. The idea that you should get married for love started being socially accepted about two hundred years ago and since then marriage has evolved still. In many countries civil marriage wasn’t an option either, before the 1800s.

The idea of marriage and marriage itself have evolved greatly during the centuries, there is no real traditional marriage.

If we let gay people get married it will lead to group marriages, incest and unions with animals

This one is my personal favorite. By a show of hands, how many of you know someone who wants to marry five other people, someone who wants to marry their brother or someone who wants to marry their cat? Anybody? No further questions.

If gay people get married and have children their children will also be homosexuals

I’m going to ignore the fact that according to this statement being gay is clearly a problem, otherwise they’d be fine with an army of queer babies invading our little quiet straight world.

Anyway, I’m gay, and I don’t recall having gay parents. Have they been lying to me all these years? Because if gay+gay=gay, then straight+straight=straight, right? This just demonstrates that they don’t even think about what they are saying, because this statement is so obviously illogical that even a monkey would see that there’s something wrong with it.

A child that grows up in a homosexual household will lead a worse life than a child that grows up in a heterosexual household

Only if you let it be that way. Yes, a child will suffer in a homosexual household if whenever they turn on the TV they hear people saying that their parents are sick, that they are pedophiles, that their family isn’t legitimate. I know people who were brought up by two mommies and, I kid you not, they are just as messed up as anybody else, you couldn’t tell the difference.

If a gay couple wants to have a baby it has to through so much, it’s not a decision that you can make overnight and the next day, bam, you are pregnant. Are you really telling me that they’re not going to be good parents? If you want a child so badly that you are willing to work that hard to get one, I can assure you, that child is going to be so loved.

If a couple can’t procreate, than it’s not a real couple

Tell that to straight sterile couples.

If we make gay marriage legal, it might lead to schools talking about homosexuality and same-sex unions

Really? Schools teaching that love is love and that it’s ok to be who you are? What an abomination.

School should teach how to be a part of society, together with people that you might not understand. School should teach respect and it should teach you to always ask questions about everything, because you only fear what you don’t know. We are already behind schedule, school should have started talking about homosexuality ages ago.

And that’s all I have to say about that.


Any thoughts?

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