My top five favorite couples

Last Monday I saw for the first time the film of The Hunger Games and, for some reason, I liked it more than I had expected. In fact I liked it so much that I immediately downloaded the first book on my e-reader and read it all in one day. The next day I downloaded the second book. The day after that I downloaded the third one and, in four days, I was done reading the entire trilogy. The plot is catchy, of course, but for me it wasn’t really so, since I had read the ending on Wikipedia after watching the film. So my craving for reading, so strong that I couldn’t think of anything else, seemed quite unjustified. Moreover, I wasn’t obsessed about the Districts finally gaining their freedom, I was obsessed about Katniss’ choice between Gale and Peeta.

I have rarely rooted for someone as much as I have for Peeta and, God, he’s just a sixteen-year-old boy at his first crush. It made no sense to me. Finally, after analyzing the reasons behind my obsessive behavior for a long time, I got to a conclusion. The love stories that have touched me the most, the ones that have kept me up until four in the morning, those for whom I pretended to be sick just to have enough time to find out the ending, those that drove me completely insane, that made me laugh and cry and shout against the TV or the book or no one in particular, they all have two things in common:

  • I’m in love with one of the two people involved (and by “in love”, I mean obsessed to a point that I drive nuts everyone around me, making them all hysterical)
  • I identify with the situation

I don’t know if these are universal criteria (LuckyBastard doesn’t seem to think so because her favorite couple is made up by two men. I keep thinking she’s the strange one), but after a brief analysis I’ve realized that these conditions are common to all of my favorite couples. And my favorite couple of all time -the one that’s been my favorite for years and that I wrote a huge amount of fan-fictions about- represents me flawlessly. Without further ado, let’s move on to my top-five. Five couples that have nothing to do with each other. Maybe.

5. Hanamichi/Kaede – Slam Dunk


This is one of my historical couples, one of the first ones I’ve ever liked. To sum up, I believe that I’m crazy about them because of all the basketball. The truth is, I love basketball, shorts, sweat, physical contact and all that jazz. The only flaw is the stink in every gym, but it’s not such a big deal, after all. There are some of Hanamichi’s sides that remind me immensely of my fourteen-year-old self: noisy, clumsy, madly in love with someone who is never going to love me back, only to understand that he wasn’t exactly my type after all, and that Kaede was much much better. Fine, perhaps Inoue omitted this last part in the manga, but I’m sure he must have thought it too. I mean, you can’t create two characters like Hanamichi and Kaede and not expect people to go there. Right?

4. Cappie/Casey – Greek


It might have been that college attitude, the fact that I’ve laughed so much without even knowing why only few other times, it might have had something to do with that haircut or those ring-covered fingers (I love those rings), it might have simply been because of the soundtrack, but in the end Cappie made me fall for him. Evan was far sexier and looking at them -especially in the earlier seasons-, I would have chosen him in a heartbeat. But then something clicked and Cappie stole my heart. Casey is exactly like me -I’m not sure that’s a compliment- and I think I cared so much about her happiness because I had the feeling that her choices might have been the choices that I was going to have to face some day. Cappie may not be the most reliable man on Earth – fine, he’s probably the least reliable man on Earth- but he’s there for Casey. Always. And he does try to change in the end, or at least he makes the effort. Isn’t that the biggest proof of someone’s love?

Greek is one of the few TV shows that get better with time. It was just the last two seasons that kept me glued to the TV as if my life depended on it. When Casey and Cappie slept together halfway through the last season, I couldn’t help but raise my arms to the sky and shout “God, thank you” because I really didn’t know whether things were going to work out or not. Now, whenever someone says ‘fairytale’ I think of that scene and smile, even when I have no reason to do so.

3. Molly/Shane – The L Word


(this is the only nice image of them I could find, it is not an attempt to show an undressed Shane)

I can hear Carmen’s fans roar all over the place -and it seems like the angriest roar of all may in fact come from LuckyBastard-. I watched Season 5 right after Season 1, disdaining the chronological order that you should follow when watching a show but, you know, I had to know what was going to happen to Bette and Tina and I really didn’t want to wait three whole seasons to find out. So I met Molly long before I met Carmen, and I loved Molly long before I loved Carmen. You know what they say, you never forget your first love. However, since Molly is an American version of myself, I’m pretty sure that I would have liked her better anyway. Blond hair, pink bedroom, law student and, that’s right, lovely clothes (I still remember the night I told LuckyBastard “I like the style they gave her” and, shaking her head, she replied “That’s because you wear the same things”).

I like to think that Molly and I are similar because I like to think that Shane would have gone head over heels for me. Let’s face it, who wouldn’t want Shane to go head over heels for them? After all, she really is “the lesbian Fonz”.

2. Merlin/Arthur – Merlin


I love Arthur – so much- with his blond hair, his presumptuous ways, his natural beauty, his regal attitude, his arrogance, his vanity. He reminds me of someone. Oh, right, that’s me!

Merlin is perfect for Arthur. He’s supposed to be accommodating, but he’s definitely not. He’s supposed to be polite, but he’s really not. He’s supposed to do as told, but he rarely does. He stands his ground, he snarls his name more than he speaks it in a regular voice, he brings him rat soup and makes fun of him more than he should, since he humiliates himself in most episodes. But that’s exactly what Arthur needs. There already are many servants who polish his boots, spoil him and revere him every hour of every day -not that there’s anything wrong with spoiling and revering Arthur every hour of every day-.

When I watch Merlin I have the feeling that there’s so much subtext that I really can’t believe this is just happening in the minds of four perverted fans. Come on, they risk their lives for each other every other episode, and whenever one of them is about to die (which happens like all the time), the other one is so desperate that you feel like giving a call to the writers and ask them if, maybe, the scenes where they declare eternal love for the other and than have wild sex in a dark corner of the castle didn’t make the cut because of all the families watching.

1. Harry/Draco – Harry Potter


They are my “soul mates”. By that I mean that I read my first fan-fiction about them when I was fourteen years old and, from that moment on, they’ve always been my favorite couple. We’ve had times of heartbreaking love and others when we rarely paid attention to each other, but I never stopped loving them the way you love something you couldn’t live without. My life would be different without Harry and Draco. I would be different, without Harry and Draco. I am a fan-writer and this meant that writing about them made me write about me, and that way an inevitable bond was created.

My Draco, the one from my fan-fictions, is me with a dick. Oops, maybe I’ve been a little vulgar, but there really isn’t another way to describe the relation between Malfoy and I. And Potter – my Potter- is the closest thing there can possibly be to the person of my dreams. He’s perfect, he has everything that someone should have in order to be my soulmate. LuckyBastard resembles him in a way, and I even asked myself whether it’s them that resemble us or if, after so many years, it’s us who ended up resembling them. Madness? Merlin, it probably is, but I realized I was mad a long time ago.

I started writing Drarrys because I was -and still am- a hard core Harry Potter fan. I kept writing because they amused me with their eternal quarrels and I got really invested in them because in spite of all their differences and the obstacles, they always found a way back to each other. I never stopped writing about them because they became too important in my life, to the point that I feel that, if I couldn’t find a way to confront myself with them, I would lose most of my certainties.


2 thoughts on “My top five favorite couples

  1. mbaignoire says:

    I so feel this! Though my favorite couple is “Klaine”, which is Kurt and Blaine from Glee (I know, I know, but it’s my guilty pleasure, so sue me). I don’t know, it’s kind of weird how I’m straight but I always found exactly their kind of romance so much more soul-mate-y if you can say that. It does prove that orientation and gender is not important to be able to identify with. 🙂


    • SnobbishBlond says:

      Yes, I also identify with many characters who are of a different gender/orientation, I think that if you connect with a character it goes way beyond that…!
      Don’t worry, Glee is one of my guilty pleasures too 🙂
      Thank you for your comment!


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