What’s your favorite love story?


So a couple of days ago SnobbishBlond found this thing called meme, which I would say is kind of like a personality test without the answers. We thought it would be fun to do it and then share it on this blog, so that we could also see the other people’s answers and opinions. All you have to do is find ten couples that you like (without thinking too much about it) and, after you’ve made a list, answer the questions below. You can read our answers for inspiration of course.

Ready? GO!


  1. Draco and Harry – Harry Potter
  2. Agron and Nasir – Spartacus
  3. Merlin and Arthur – Merlin
  4. Blaise and Neville – Harry Potter
  5. Spock and Kirk – Star Trek
  6. Casey and Cappie – Greek
  7. Brian and Justin – Queer as Folk
  8. Calvin and Heath – Greek
  9. Hanamichi and Kaede – Slam Dunk
  10. Alexander and Hephaisteion – Alexander


  1. Bette and Tina – The L Word
  2. Harry and Draco – Harry Potter
  3. Agron and Nasir – Spartacus
  4. Shane and Carmen – The L Word
  5. Tasha and Alice – The L Word
  6. Emma and Regina – Once Upon A Time
  7. Sirius and Remus – Harry Potter
  8. Luce and Rachel – Imagine me and you
  9. Melanie and Lindsay – Queer as Folk
  10. John and Sherlock – Sherlock


1. Do you remember the scene/chapter/episode in which you started shipping Couple 6?

SB: Yep! Third season, during that kiss on the stairs of the ZBZ house. But I think they had me at “Telling me what?”

LB: I didn’t start shipping it while watching the TV show: one day I found out that many people shipped them and then, suddenly, I couldn’t think about anything else…it seemed so obvious! To this day I still don’t know how I had never seen it before. I mean they look like they are about to kiss in every other scene!

2. Have you ever read a fanfiction about Couple 2?

SB: Mhm…let me think…about five minutes ago?

LB: Uhm…a Drarry? Let’s say that Drarrys make up about 90% of all the fanfictions I’ve read in my entire life.

3. Have you ever used a picture of Couple 5 as a desktop or avatar?

SB: Yes, as a desktop image. And cell screen saver. And avatar on a couple of forums. Is that enough?

LB: No, but I definitely wouldn’t mind.

4. If Couple 7 were to break up, what would your reaction be?

SB: But…but…does this mean that I’m going to have to start downloading actual porn now?

LB: NOOOOOO! I can’t believe it, it’s not possible! I hate JK Row!
Well, it’s not exactly canon, but they might be, so this would be my reaction to JK Rowling saying that they’ve never been together.

5. Why is Couple 1 so important?

SB: Many reasons. I see a lot of myself in them. I find myself really similar to Draco and I would do anything to sleep with Harry XD

Also, they are the couple, the one I have been writing about ever since I was 15. I always say that I’ve grown up with Harry Potter, but it’s probably more accurate to say that I’ve grown up with -and thanks to- Drarry and all the amazing authors that let me into this astonishing world – and taught me astonishing things (weeeeell…rimming…).

LB: Because it represents everything I look for in an adult relationship. Well, except when they are hating each other/cheating on one another/threatening the other/throwing dishes.

6. Is Couple 9 serious or comical?

SB: I would say comical. Mostly comical. But they do have their serious moments, as it should be.

LB: Serious. Although, sometimes when I look at what they are wearing I can’t help but laugh.

7. Among all of your couples, which one has the most chemistry?

SB: They all have chemistry, or I wouldn’t like them. Considering the actors I would say Brian and Justin, but Agron and Nasir are serious, serious competition!

LB: Definitely Couple 2. Harry and Draco have so much chemistry that, even though technically the books are not meant to be read as if they are attracted to each other, when you are reading them it still looks like they want one another really bad.

8. Among all of your couples, which one has the most stable bond?

SB: Probably Couple 1, Harry and Draco (they are meant to be together, and I think theirs is a “need” to be together. I don’t know if that’s clear).

LB: I was going to say Couple 7, but then I realized that they didn’t talk or see each other for 13 years because one believed that the other had murdered their best friends in cold blood, so maybe not. I’m going to got with Couple 8: I just don’t see them breaking up ever.

9. How many times have you read/watched something in Couple 10’s fandom?

SB: Well, I have watched Alexander at least ten times and I have read two sagas about Alexander the Great. So that makes sixteen. Although, if we start counting all the times I have watched the same scenes of the movie over and over again just to enjoy Jared’s pretty face, well…ehm…I know all of the lines…

LB: Not infinite times. I have spent quite a lot of time re-watching the episodes hoping that they’d suddenly kiss though…it hasn’t happened so far. Bummer.

10. Which couple has been together the longest?

SB: Difficult question…technically Casey and Cappie live happily ever after, and so do Calvin and Heath (and I am hoping also Brian and Justin, but I haven’t seen the last season yet, so who knows…). Alexander died at a young age, but he had been with Hephaisteion his whole life.

Well, I don’t know…I’ll say Harry and Draco. I think they’ll live to be 150 years old so, if they get together at 17, that makes…

LB: I’m leaving the fanon couples out of this because it’s impossible to quantify…among the remaining ones Couple 9: at the beginning of the show they have been together as much as the ones from Couple 1 have, but they break up less times, so they win!

11. How many times, if ever, has Couple 6 broken up?

SB: Ehm…uhm…two? To be honest, I don’t remember.

LB: Once again, this isn’t a canon pairing, but considering how many times they scream at each other, physically fight and almost die I would bet on: infinity.

12. If there were a zombie apocalypse which one -between Couple 2 and Couple 8- would manage to survive?

SB: Weeeeell, that’s a difficult one. Let’s see, between two rebel slaves (one of which is a gladiator) who have spent the last years fighting against the romans enduring adversities and suffering, and two college students whose biggest problem is not having a major, I think I’m going to have to go with Couple 2…but it is a head scratcher!

LB: It’s not that I have no faith in Luce and Rachel, because I do, but Harry and Draco can use magic so there’s no contest here, Couple 2 would survive in their sleep.

13. Have the people in Couple 7 ever had to keep their relationship a secret for some reason?

SB: Well, no. Definitely not (I mean, can you imagine a closeted Brian? LOL).

LB: Considering that they aren’t exactly canon but they could be, my theory is that their relationship has remained a secret to most until the very end.

14. Have the people in Couple 4 always been together?

SB: They aren’t canon. Why aren’t they canooooon??

LB: Couple 4 has spent more time apart than together, that’s for sure! I was completely shocked when I found out that their actual relationship lasted six months or so, since they are in each other’s lives for two whole seasons! That’s a good way to stress your audience…

15. Is Couple 10 canon?

SB: Yes (weird, right?).

LB: Just like Couple 7…not really, but we can’t be sure from what we see. OK, maybe we can, but it’s not over yet so I still hope that they’ll kiss some day…

16. If all the couples were to fight in the Hunger Games, which one would prevail?

SB: Well, this is a hard one. Maybe Agron and Nasir (for the same reasons listed above: weapons, muscles, training, wild sex…mhm…), but I don’t think that Harry would give up so easily (he is The Boy Who Lived. He defeated Voldemort. He has had the guts to walk around in awful clothes for years). But Harry’s teammate would be Draco. Can you imagine Draco in the arena?!

Then there’s Merlin, who has amazing magical powers. And Arthur, who is a great warrior. But I have a bad feeling…
As for Alexander…well, it depends on what phase of his life he is living. I wouldn’t want to face him when he’s in his early thirties!
I think I will stick with Couple 2 though. I’ve fallen in love with Dan, what can I do, I can’t help but counting on his muscly muscles!

LB: There are some people who would die right away, like Shane and Carmen, Mel and Lindsay, Luce and Rachel (it’s like I have no faith in women…). Some would be able to survive for long: Tasha and Alice, John and Sherlock, Bette and Tina, but I don’t see any of these making it to the end. Hold on though, I’ve started this answer thinking that Couple 2, 6 and 7 could all use magic, but since you aren’t allowed wands in the arena I guess Emma and Regina would go on because they can do magic without using one. Agron and Nasir have outlived all the characters in Spartacus, so they are clearly up to the task, but I’d say that Emma and Regina would win in the end.

17. Has anyone ever tried to sabotage Couple 5?

SB: Three words: J. J. Abrams. Poor Uhura, she’s innocent!

LB: I think they are perfectly able to do that without any external help.

18. Which couple would you defend with your life?

SB: Couple 1. My heart belongs to them now and always.

LB: Harry and Draco, hands down. They are part of who I am, losing them would be like losing a part of myself.

19. Do you ever spend hours online looking at pages about Couple 3?

SB: Not really. I read a fanfiction from time to time. When I find a good author I binge, but I’m not obsessed with them.

LB: It hasn’t happened yet, first because I didn’t want any spoilers, and then because I’ve had some problems with my Internet connection. Now that I can actually do it I see myself wasting a lot of time on the online Nagron pages.

20. If an evil witch came to you and told you that you had to give a couple up, otherwise you would have to leave them all, which one would you choose?

SB: Couple 10. I have loved them a long time ago, but right now I think they are the couple that moves me the least.

LB: I would choose Luce and Rachel, because I like the story and the characters more than I actually like the pairing itself. And also, they are canon, they can do without my support!

So what did you think? Do you agree or disagree with our choices? Feel free to fill in your own version and post it on your own blog and send us the link to it, we want to know who you favorite couples are! If don’t have a blog you can tell us your answers in the comments below!


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