The arrogance of vloggers


There are only two things that I can’t stand in this world: the first one is salted codfish, the second is arrogance. As for the codfish is concerned, I don’t know the exact reason behind my repulsion, but I am quite positive that my hate towards arrogance comes from my being too arrogant.

Experience has taught me that there are different kinds of arrogance: the positive kind, which is the one that makes some people fascinating and even sexy, the laughable kind, which is so exaggerated that makes people look like caricatures of themselves, the justifiable kind, annoying but tolerable and, lastly, the bad kind. The bad kind is never positive, laughable or justifiable.

Bad arrogance is that kind of arrogance that grasps those who you would never expect and changes them into an army of possessed zombies that can rarely be exorcized.

I believe that lately this arrogance has become quite a widespread illness. The traditional categories of arrogant people, among which we find high-schoolers with big boobs, gays with a nice bum and blond babies’ mothers, were joined by another category, maybe the most terrifying of all: vloggers.

If those innocent guys who you used to adore and whose videos used to kill you turned into vampires hungry with ratings and comments, don’t kid yourself: they won’t go back to normal. They’ve become arrogant and that is an irreversible mutation in almost every case.

This isn’t always easy to accept. Sometimes – I would even say often- vloggers have deeply let me down. I cared so much about their bedroom, their puppy/kitten/bird/hamster, their existential dramas, their bright voice and their sincere smiles, that I almost felt like I knew them. And when they turned into mean people, taking the comments for granted and acting as if their words were law, I stuck by them, feeling the same unconditional love I used to feel before.

Only after months of on again off again I finally decided to give up and accepted the idea that nothing would have gone back to how it was.

I would therefore like to make a universal plea to those who wish to become vloggers or those who already are vloggers but still possess some humility: for you not to become arrogant there are four easy rules to follow.

  1. Remember that behind a comment there is always a commenter who has spent time to write it
  2. Remember not to take anything for granted: if people are watching your videos they do so because they think you are nice, not because they are waiting for you to announce the next ten commandments
  3. Remember that blowing your nose while recording might make you look more human but is also pretty gross
  4. Remember that having a billion views is awesome but having a thousand people respecting you is better

I won’t deny it, I’ve written this article because a vlogger broke my heart and it wasn’t supposed to include anything particularly wise. It’s just that, while writing it, I’ve had an epiphany: what if the scapegoat of the next ten years were vloggers, instead of bisexuals?


2 thoughts on “The arrogance of vloggers

  1. John Dingleberry says:

    You can’t write for shit, even though you clearly think you can. You’re arrogant. And your writing is 8th grade level at best.


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