Two Italians in Paris


After a billion year long break, due to the fact that Lucky had forgotten that we had a blog –not kidding- and to the fact that I had a gigantic load of things to do, we’ve decided to start writing again –yey-, hoping that all the people that had hit the “follow” button on the right hand side of this page (and if you haven’t done it yet, do it, I promise we won’t vanish into thin air this time!) haven’t forgotten who we are and what we usually talk about (nothing, really).

I’m going to use this post to update you on the new things that have been going on in our lives –they are interesting, don’t stop reading-.

  1. We are in Paris. Yep! I’m here as an international student and Lucky is working as something_that_she_hasn’t_really_figured_out_yet.
  2. We’ve spent the last two weeks desperately looking for an apartment. Finding a place to rent in Paris without a French person guaranteeing that you won’t disappear without paying and that you won’t take off with their TV, modem and kitchen table is extremely hard.
  3. We did eventually find a house, together with two French guys (in order to respect their privacy and talk about them freely we are going to call them Thompson and JonStark).
  4. Thompson and JonStark are both a little nerdy, they watch Game of Thrones together every night. Thompson is quite bizarre, maybe introverted maybe shy, we also suppose he’s a mama’s boy. JonStark is much friendlier, a little short, easy going and is always defrosting instead of cooking.
  5. Last week we went to see the parade for the Nouvel An Chinois (The Chinese New Year). Très jolie 😉
  6. We haven’t done anything gay here in Paris yet, but when it’ll happen you’ll be the first to know. And we’ll steer clear of hovels, don’t worry!
  7. I’ve personally loved Disney’s new movie Frozen –I really wanted you to know that, even if it’s a bit late-. It’s taken from my favorite childhood fairytale, The Snow Queen.  Clearly Disney got rid of all the creepy parts and added talking snowmen and singing trolls but, hey, what could you expect from old Walt’s troops?
  8. At my French creative writing class I was assigned a project together with a Russian girl. We had to create the identities of the tenants of a building and, as she suggested, we’ve also created a gay male couple that she kept referring to as ‘les homosexuels’ (not men or women, just “les homosexuels”).  She also suggested that one of them would be American and the other one British (because, clearly, 99% of homosexuals are either American or British), and that they’d have a pet snake. That’s right, a snake. I swear to you, the moment she uttered, all exited, ‘le serpent aux homosexuels!’ (‘the snake to the homosexuals!’) has been one of the funniest of my life.
  9. Going to French lectures is a disaster. Right now in my brain Italian, English and French are all melt together into a single, thick, tangled mass of meaningless words that I hereby pronounce Enfrelian.

I hope that this funny story (that hasn’t bored you too much, I know) has left you some teachings. Most important of them all: never move to Paris unless you already have an apartment – or someone who would let you sleep on their couch indefinitely. 


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