Be my Valentine


Hi guys! This is an extra article for Valentine’s Day that we’re writing together, so it won’t make a lot of sense. We have decided to share what we think about this super special and wonderful day with you guys, because we know that there are people who don’t understand the meaning of it and we want to try to explain what it means to us.

Let’s start then!

First of all, we think that boycotting Valentine’s Day is pointless. There are people –some of our friends included- who choose to ignore Valentine’s Day saying that it’s a corporate holiday. Well, every holiday is a corporate holiday, isn’t it? If they weren’t we wouldn’t have presents on our birthday, Christmas, Easter, Mother’s Day and so on and so forth.

True, Valentine’s Day was invented only to sell flowers and chocolates, but that doesn’t mean that it isn’t also a way to spend some time with your significant other or whoever you want.

Second, it’s also a day where you can eat as much chocolate as you like without feeling guilty (without it, we would only be left with Easter…).

Third, presents are always awesome, who cares when and why people are giving them to you.

Fourth, if you are single you can bitch and moan about people in a relationship and get a free pass for it.

And Fifth, you can also hook up with random strangers (who are usually more slutty tonight) without being judged because everyone will be thinking “oh poor thing, after all he/she is all alone…”.

As you can see, Valentine’s Day has its positives for everyone, you just need to know how to enjoy it.

For instance, this morning we had a huuuge English breakfast and tonight we are going to explore the Parisian gay scene for the first time. Wish us good luck, we’re gonna need it…

What do you guys think about Valentine’s Day? Are you among the haters or the lovers?


Any thoughts?

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