The five roommates you wish you never had


As you might already know if you’ve read SnobbishBlond’s last post we have moved to Paris about a month ago. After a very long search we’ve finally found a nice apartment to rent, but here’s the catch: we have two roommates. Now, it’s really not that tragic since they seem like nice guys but before knowing them our minds went through every possible roommate worst case scenario, and I can assure you, it ain’t pretty.

So, here’s what we’ve come up with:

The buddy: they are probably new in town, and just too shy to go out and meet some people, so they decide they are going to be your new best friend. You already have enough friends you say? Not to worry, they will carve their own little space into your life, whether  you like it or not. You don’t like them in the slightest? The only way out is moving. And possibly changing cell number, email address and last name. You know, just in case.

The ghost: you were pretty sure you had a roommate, you’ve seen them that one time when you signed the lease. But now, you are starting to doubt it. If it wasn’t for the food disappearing from the fridge and some misplaced objects you could swear you are living on your own. Of course this isn’t so bad, at least you have your privacy…or have you? The ghost is sure to reappear when you least expect it, usually at the most inconvenient of times.

The slop: this one is impossible to live with. Everywhere you go, you find traces of their passage: half-eaten sandwiches, socks that may or may not have been used before, magazines. You name it, they’ve left it in one of the common areas. If you are so unlucky to be sharing your own room with a slop, being left without a mess-free zone, I suggest you to move.

The hottie: this is usually a curse in disguise. Of course, at first you might think that having someone that hot living under the same roof might be a positive thing, but really, really think about it. You cannot hit on them, because there will only be two possible outcomes: if they’re not into you, you won’t be able to go home and hide because, well, you’re already home, and they’re there too; if they are into you, you better have found the love of your life otherwise you are in for a particularly nasty break up where, once again, you can’t go home and avoid them.

The party animal: this one was definitely the popular kid in high school. They always have friends over and they host the wildest parties ever every week end -sometimes even during the week. You have no idea how they can keep up with their crazy social life and study at the same time, since you barely have the strength to keep your eyes open. I guess you should probably find a new roommate before sleep-deprivation causes you a nervous breakdown.


2 thoughts on “The five roommates you wish you never had

    • LuckyBastard says:

      It’s kind of fun actually, at least for the moment (to be honest living with SB is more of a challenge than living with the two guys…lol). Anyway, the lease is six months…how bad can it get? 🙂


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