Invisible to the straight eye


When I’m watching a sci-fi movie I rarely think that what is shown on screen might, someday, become real. To the contrary, I believe that many of those movies tell nothing but the present, even though they do it by flooding it in a bright bonbon pink or in a electric blue neon light.

Walking down the streets of the present, I often stumble upon real life situations that are at the margins of reality itself and where I feel like I’m interacting with aliens coming from another planet –and they probably feel the same way about me-.

I believe that the majority of terrestrials is in possession of a special pair of invisible glasses, with such thick lenses that they are able to transform and adjust  reality according to the eyes of who’s watching it. It must be so, otherwise it would be impossible to explain different phenomena systematically happening in my daily life.

The inventor of these glasses, an artisan who was indubitably a workaholic and a Stakhanovite, succeeded into making so many and of so many different kinds that, without proper analysis and a bit of luck, nobody would have ever noticed their existence. Although, like Matrix has taught us, there’s always a bug somewhere, and thanks to this sudden bug we are able to realize that the glasses do exist. For half a second –only an instant- the glasses become visible and you can see them there, on the nose of the person sitting across from you, with their thick frame, coke-bottle lenses and an ancient design. The light only lasts a moment, a flash that for a second brightens up the other terrestrial’s face and shows you their glasses. So you begin to wonder, and you realize that everyone has glasses and, clearly, so do you. It’s those glasses that make you see the world a certain way and those glasses that make you see it differently than how those who surround you see it.

What I’m trying to say is that it’s all a matter –and solely a matter- of glasses. Some people’s lenses are thinner, some people’s are thicker, and it’s obviously on this second category that you need to focus on if you wish to find a bug and see the glasses for yourselves.

My bug occurred in the middle of a conversation with a girl who goes to my university here in Paris. One day she asked me if LB had a boyfriend. I lightly answered that LB is a lesbian. My classmate’s reaction was unbelievable. Not only did she look at me like I had just jumped off a spaceship coming from Naboo, she also asked me if LB’s sexual orientation was a problem for me (ehm…no?!). It was then, that was the moment when I saw them, her glasses. Small and cute, with thin lenses, but there they were. I realized that that girl had never even considered the idea of LB being gay, and that my statement had completely shocked her. Yet LB is clearly gay. Or at least she was according to our friend who lives in Paris, that we visited our first week here and who thought from the start that we were a couple.

LB isn’t a “butch”, but she does have short hair, she rarely wears earrings, she wears jackets, shirts, jeans and sneakers and she steers clear from skirts and dresses. You obviously can’t know someone’s sexuality for sure until you’ve asked them –unless that someone is Emmet Honeycutt or Draco Malfoy- but I thought that a reasonable doubt would always emerge. I was wrong. And it’s all because of the glasses.


Any thoughts?

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