Dear Santa


Dear Santa Claus,

Here’s my Christmas list.

For starters I’d like a house, an apartment, an attic or even just a little basement, because I really can’t stand living with my parents any longer. While you’re at it, you might as well send me a monthly check of roughly €1000, so that I’ll be able to get through university without having to ask for another penny.

My second wish is meeting Jensen Ackles, but that’s probably asking for too much, so let’s forget about that (and I know, dear Santa, that if you were able to get your hands on him you’d just keep him for yourself!).

Third, I would like for a brick to drop on top of those who deserve it, those people who’ve made my life miserable and that even now, when I see on the street I’m tempted of running over with my car.

Lastly, it would be really cool if you’d make the Italian Parliament pass a law on gay marriage. No civil unions or step-child adoptions, but actual marriage, like the one that my parents -who after 3o years are still in love with each other, walk hand in hand and celebrate anniversaries- have, that marriage that exists in Spain, UK, France, Ireland, USA, the Netherlands or Canada, that marriage that isn’t religious but stands for family nonetheless.

Well, Santa, I know that might be asking for too much, but I’ve been taught that there’s no harm in trying so this is me trying, as we all should do every day when our dreams are at stake.

If you can’t manage to bring me any of the things that I’ve asked, at least make sure that among all the presents, those who lack it find some common sense (because we’d be living in a better world if everyone had some).

I hope you’ll have a merry Christmas, Santa, and that while you’ll be handing out your gifts you won’t forget about us, unofficial families, where there are moms, dads and children (simply put: people), just like in official families. Go figure, we even have a chimney.


PS: a Louis Vuitton’s cool, too


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