Checco Zalone: “I can’t condone gay adoption”



A famous Italian comedian, Checco Zalone – yes, the name does sound just as silly in Italian – while talking to Vanity Fair Italia has released the following statement : “I think there should be civil partnerships [in Italy], but I can’t condone a homosexual couple adopting a child”.

A couple of notes about this: first of all, this interview actually came out so long ago (in 2011), that some may wonder if this is even news at all. What happened though is that while that line had been pretty much ignored by the general public back then, it has been rediscovered this very morning, causing an uproar on Twitter and the rest of social media.

What was really mind-blowing about this whole deal though, is the reactions it got. Of course, many found it hypocritical of him to issue such a statement when in one of his movies he actually made fun of the homophobes, in what I considered to be a pretty clever way, but even more people – gay people – defended him.

They defended him saying that he, too, is entitled to his own opinion. Of course he is, that’s not what I’m saying. What I’m trying to point out is that in this country it’s perfectly acceptable for an educated person as himself (because he does play dumb in his roles but he actually has a law degree) to say such ignorant things and not only get away with it, but even be defended by the very same people he was speaking against.


Any thoughts?

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