Hotter than abs

The other night LB and I watched Freeheld. Since the movie has received bad reviews, I didn’t have high expectations and, in the end, I liked it. Anyway, I could feel that something was missing, but the problem wasn’t the absence of lesbian making out scenes or the script. I realized that the problem was the complete lack of chemistry between Ellen Page and Julian Moore.

I have to say that I found both of them perfect for the characters they were playing, what was missing was the perfection in their being together. Their first encounter, their first date, their first time, were nice, cute, somewhat funny, but they weren’t catchy. They didn’t make my heart bit faster, they didn’t knot my stomach, they didn’t make me think “Yeah, great, fuck yeah!”.

What I’m trying to say is that sometimes being a good actor -or even a great actor- is not enough.

There are plenty of movies (or TV shows) like that: catching plot, hot actors, blah couples. One for all: The Vow. I mean, that story is awesome, the kind of plot I love the most, it had the potential of being one of the most popular dramas ever filmed. And then they did it, they chose them: Channing Tatum, with his hot abs, cute face, tight butt, and Rachel McAdams, with her sweet smile, sparkly eyes, tight butt, ready to turn a tasty chocolate cake into a not so bearable muffin.

There is someone out there that could say that the two of them actually look like they’re in love? No, there isn’t. You know why? Because they don’t. And I’d like to ask the director why –why???- have you chosen those two instead of someone less famous, less popular, but more believable? The answer would be: ’cause famous people sell.

Ok, right. But people with chemistry sell more.

For gay couples, the chemistry is even more important (do we really wanna see on the screen another kiss like the one between Calvin and Heath in Greek, when the both of them looked ready to barf?).

There are TV shows -like How to get away with murder or Hit the floor- that have became famous also because of their gay-super-hot-scenes, and let me say it: Oliver and Jude aren’t hot (fine, Jude is hot, but not that hot). The difference between these couples and the others is that you can feel that they are into each other, that they want to have sex, and you just die when they finally -oh, God, finally!– do it.

So, dear producers, here’s my advice: next time you are casting a movie, remember that hot actors are good, but hot gay sex scenes are way better.


Any thoughts?

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