Hit the floor: #Zude

This week I’m gonna talk to you about Zude… I mean, Hit the Floor, with the only purpose of convincing you to watch it.

Hit the Floor is a show, running every Monday on VH1, that focuses on the loves, lives and dramas (mostly dramas) of the cheerleaders and players of an imaginary basketball team, the LA Devils.

Season one? Sucks (sorry, Hit the Floor fans). It’s too cliché, too already-seen, too straight. So if you have seen it and then stopped watching the show I advise you to give it another chance, because it’s in season two that things start being interesting (or, in other words, it’s in season two that the gay storyline starts).

If you are on Twitter I bet you’ve run into #Zude at least once, because I’ve seen it everywhere (“I went to buy a new pair of shoes #shopping #Zude”, “I love pancakes #pancakes #Zude”, “I’m at the North Pole helping Santa wrapping next year’s gifts #Christmas #Zude”). If you are not on Twitter or if you’ve never had the curiosity of checking out what it is, I’ll explain, opening for you the door to wicked pleasure. My only warning: when you enter, I’m not so sure you’ll be able to step back out.

Now imagine twenty sweaty and athletic hot guys and girls, playing basketball or dancing a cheerleader choreography. Done? That’s season one.

Now imagine an agent, with big puppy eyes but muscular arms, daddy issues and even more issues brought on by his daddy issues, and make him kiss one of those basketball players.

This is Jude.

Now imagine the basketball player, with perfect abs and an arrogant smile, a guy that has spent half of the season pretending to be a religious boyscout trying to seduce the cheerleaders’ captain, reacting to that kiss: “Jude, are you gay? It’s fine. I’m just not into it”.

This is Zero.

Now imagine them having sex (not telling you how, ’cause if I do watching it won’t make you all jumpy and excited and horny) and having sex again and again and again, until Jude decides that either they become a couple and go public or it’s over.

It’s over of course.

Then there is season three, where Zero tries to win Jude back and Jude tries to get over him (will he?) and where they have sex again and where Jude tries to get over Zero again after the again-sex and where… well, you’ll have to watch it to find out.

The show is worth it. And not only because of Zude.

I may have started watching because of them and I didn’t like the first season, but from season two I started finding it catchy: there are broken hearts and broken legs, passionate love, evil characters, cool choreography and even a murder mystery.

So if you are into guys, into girls, into both, into love stories and dramas, give it a try: you won’t regret it!

Let me know what you think about it: are you #teamZude?


Any thoughts?

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