Should lesbians date bisexuals?


When I first sat down to write this article I thought I might let you in into all the challenges of dating a woman who is both into men and into women. Turns out, there aren’t any. Or at least they aren’t any different to those you would face while dating a lesbian (or a straight girl, for that matter).

I have heard countless times the argument “I don’t date bisexuals because then I would have to worry about women and men”. Let me tell you something, that’s just code for “I’m insecure and I don’t think I can compete with a dick” because honestly, if your girlfriend is gonna cheat on you she’s just gonna cheat on you and it’s not going to be because she’s looking for different genitalia – maybe some are, but somehow I doubt that’s the general rule –.

Still, you might say, why should I bother dating a bisexual when I can date lesbians and just not worry about all those things? Well, there are upsides to dating bi girls.

For example, if you’re into feminine girls it’s definitely gonna be easier to find a feminine bi woman than a feminine lesbian. I personally like girly girls and I’ve never met a lesbian that actually had my ideal amount of “girliness”; of course that’s not the only thing I look for in a woman but it doesn’t hurt.

Despite what most people say, bisexuals are generally more in touch with their sexuality, just because they have an even harder time figuring out what it is that they want. When people know what they want things are bound to get way more fun, just sayin’.

For what it concerns me, I don’t feel like I’m right inside my queer community, I feel more like an observer who navigates the outskirts. Well, since there’s a still a bi stigma, I feel like bisexuals and I are more on the same page in regards to the rest of the community.

The point is that at the end of the day I don’t care who my girlfriend likes, as long as she likes me more!

So what do you think? Are you gonna go get yourself a bi girl now?




Any thoughts?

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