You have a kink. I mean, a very weird, embarrassing, awful kink, like make up (on guys), sexy lingerie (on guys) or heels (guess? On guys) and, of course, you’d like to talk about it, share it with your partner and well, why not?- ­act on it.

One problem: you don’t know how to tell him that you’d love him to wear the soft, tight, pink panties you have bought in an attempt of incredible braveness, and you end up watching porn instead.

You know, I have a friend – ­let’s call him – Peter­ who really loves hairy guys. Like he literally dies for a big beard and a hirsute chest.

One day Peter met – ­let’s call him­- Kevin and they started dating. Only issue: Kevin shaved. Not that big a deal, you’ll probably say. Is hair that important when you are dating the most athletic­-charming-hot gay guy in your philosophy class? It is if you become obsessed about it. The fact that Peter loved hairs but couldn’t have them turned his “liking” into an obsession: he started watching porn and porn and porn and, in the end, he ended up cheating on Kevin with a chubby guy with pimples only because he had a beard (and not that nice a beard either).

The funniest fact about this whole story is that Peter had never even tried to ask Kevin why he shaved. Do you wanna know the answer? When he was younger, he used to be a swimmer, and swimmers have to shave. That’s it. No other mystical or profound reason.

What I’m trying to say is that sometimes hiding things can lead to crazy results, easily avoidable by just talking about what’s going on in our heads. I know that it isn’t easy, especially when it comes to our deepest and darkest desires, but it’s the only way to have a healthy and happy sex life.

In the end, the worst thing that can happen is that your partner says no. And then what? Is he gonna dump you because you like make up, hairs or heels? If he is, than all the better for you: I’m sure you’ll find someone more willing to experiment with  fun stuff.

In case you were wondering what happened with my friends, Kevin broke up with Peter over the cheating. After a year of crying, crawling and begging, he took him back. He doesn’t shave anymore.

Isn’t it better to save a year of suffering (yours and your poor friends’ who has to listen to you when you’re planning to kill yourself by eating your own hands) and just talk? Out there there are awesome people, people like Kevin, who would grow a beard just for you.


Any thoughts?

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