Gays VS Lesbians

SB and I often think what it would be like if we were a couple of gay guys – I know, don’t ask -. So the other day we started wondering: who has it better, gay couples or lesbian couples? Let’s score them, shall we?

Lesbian couples can PDA away (I’m specifically speaking about my country, obviously) and people don’t usually care, but you almost never see gays do it, because they get stared at, a lot. Generally speaking the heterosexual public doesn’t have a problem with lesbian PDAs, while guy on guy action is mostly frowned upon: even something as mundane as hand-holding can be an issue.

When it comes to sex, gays have more choice. Before you pick up your torches and pitchforks, let me explain: it all comes down to numbers. Without getting too graphic, just think about the amount of options gay guys have vs. the amount of options lesbians have and you’ll understand what I mean. So this point goes to the gays.

If you’re in a lesbian relationship you clearly have more options if you want to start a family: you can obviously adopt but if you want biological kids both moms can carry the baby. Guys who want to make a baby at the home office, on the other hand, have it much harder.

Let’s talk about looks. I think it’s undisputed that guys tend to be more superficial than girls, so if you’re gay and looking for a boyfriend you need to be everything and more. However lesbians can just be ‘cool’ and have a little attitude and everyone will just drop at their feet. I probably agree more with the gays on this, but lesbians have the upper hand regardless.

Last but not least, relationship drama. I’m pretty sure that this one is a tie; gays are dramatic and lesbians neurotic. No one is a winner here, unless you’re really in love: in that case it’s all worth it.


Lesbians: 4

Gays: 2

After this thoroughly researched analysis it can be asserted that being in a lesbian relationship is better than being in a gay relationship. It shouldn’t matter, really, since we can’t actually change it, but what I think we can all agree on is that queer couples are way more fun than their straight counterparts.


Any thoughts?

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