Why would a bi girl choose to be with a woman

“Look, if you’re bisexual that means that you’re both into men and women, right? So that means that you’re choosing to be with a woman. That’s stupid. Why are you trying to complicate your own life?”.

Let’s all together count the number of bullshit statements that a single person is able to utter in one simple sentence (without ever catching our breath, that goes without saying).

You’re choosing to be with a woman: that’s technically true. Nobody put a gun to my head, nobody forced me to date a girl, I chose to be with her. You know what the problem is, though? The fallacious logic in this reasonable consideration? You don’t choose who to fall in love with. If that were the case, there would be no broken hearts and ice-cream makers would end up losing 90% of their income.

That’s stupid: ?!?

I’m trying to complicate my own life: fine, it’s undeniable. Life, as a gay couple, is more challenging than the one straight couples face – no biological children, a pinch of discrimination here and there, no big guy to change the light bulb, go hunting and chop the wood…- but that doesn’t make it worse.

Ignoring your feelings by taking a shortcut isn’t always the best solution: often the road that looked easier ends up being arduous, scattered with obstacles, perpetually and exhaustingly uphill.

So it may be true that I chose to be with a woman and I complicated a life that could have been easier. Maybe I should have pretended not to love my girlfriend, steer away from complications, take the shortcut.

You want the truth? I did, and it was stupid.


3 thoughts on “Why would a bi girl choose to be with a woman

  1. angieecapp tales says:

    I did too n I’m yet to find out whether it was a mistake..wasn’t brave enough to cope up with the stares..being kicked out of church..discrimination at my work place.. it was just too much.. I’m better now..every step away from her is hard but for my sanity it had to be done


    • SnobbishBlond says:

      I’m sorry that your story went that way, but I guess every person and situation are different. We can’t really judge if we don’t know the whole context: in my previous articles I’ve always said that bi girls should be brave enough to fight for what they want if what they want is being with a girl , but I guess that sometimes it’s just too hard, especially if we don’t have any support from our communities. I hope you’ll be able to find your own way to be happy 🙂

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  2. angieecapp tales says:

    I’m dating a guy now and I’m proud of whom I chose but I still picture myself in her life..whenever I do watch ‘the fosters ‘ n I break down cz it’s what I want but can’t have..any way.. we do what we gotta do..thanks for making this a safe place to talk..hey..u r welcome to follow back my blog..u r a motivation for my next piece

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