About us



We are two Italian girls with many things to say but not always the right words to do so.

We love reading, watching TV show and travelling. SnobbishBlonde would say we like nerd stuff, but LuckyBastard probably wouldn’t let her (but SB is actually right since we know Harry Potter back to back, we are fan of TWD, Sherlock, Star Trek, Star Wars, The Lord of the Rings, Supernatural, Marvel…).

We have a Slytherin dog named Pie (we’ll let you guess what that is in reference of…) who is in love with Jared Padalecki.

We like buying matching stuff – we’ll end up having a house that is exactly two of everything, just in different colors.

We’ve been dating for two years (which is basically a century in lesbian years) but we’ve been best friends since high school.

On this blog we talk about anything we like, even politics, even though in the “real world” we never do that. In fact, our typical conversations focus on how horribly other people dress or TV shows, usually over cocktails before clubbing or having Japanese food with our best friend NerdySlowpoke after an emotionally scarring episode of Supernatural.




Any thoughts?

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