Proving that Castiel is -actually- in love with Dean

Ok, so I don't mean this sarcastically, or in a subtext kind of way, I actually mean it in a I-believe-the-character-is-played-like-this kind of way. And here's four things that prove it: 1) The profound bond thing: It may not have been intentional at the beginning, and this line might have been dropped like it was no … Continue reading Proving that Castiel is -actually- in love with Dean


Why do I write about gay guys?

I've been asked many times why I write about gay guys while I'm a bisexual woman in a relationship with another woman. My preference about writing about guys seems weird both to guys and girls and, honestly, I found very difficult to understand why until I tried to get exactly what I like about gay male … Continue reading Why do I write about gay guys?

Supernatural & queerbaiting

First off I have to say that I watch Supernatural every week and that it’s one of my favorite shows, so I’m at least a little bit biased about this. Even so, I think that people who claim that Supernatural is queerbating its audience are being unfair, or they just don't know what they're talking … Continue reading Supernatural & queerbaiting

Changing minds

  A couple of years ago, a cousin of mine said: “I have a lot of gay friends. You know, they are very nice once they’ve accepted you in their circle, they take you to parties and they are so sensitive. But family? Well, that's out of discussion. I mean, how could they think they'd … Continue reading Changing minds

I’m a virgin!?

Last week something really weird happened. I went to see an ob-gyn for the first time…too much information? Sorry, this is going to be that kind of story, so if it makes you uncomfortable, here's your cue. I know I’m too old for my first time at the gyno but I’ve always put it off since I … Continue reading I’m a virgin!?

What’s right

Today, during my Constitutional Rights class, we talked about the “new generation rights” or, in other words, the rights that aren't written in the Italian Constitution, but have become fundamental for our jurisdictional system. We also talked about marriage and adoption rights for gay couples. In case you didn't know it, the Italian Parliament is … Continue reading What’s right

Should Xena be a lesbian?

I’m a nineties child, which means I grew up watching Dragon Ball, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and, obviously, Xena. I loved Xena so much I’m actually surprised I had to wait until I was 15 to realize that I was a raging homo, but that’s not the point of this article. Since I was a … Continue reading Should Xena be a lesbian?

Happy to be unhappy

The other day I tried to talk to a lesbian about How to get away with murder: huge mistake. I: I love Connor and Oliver: they are the best couple on the show. L: But they are gay. I: So? L: (incredulous) So they are gay, and they are in an established relationship, while the … Continue reading Happy to be unhappy

Awkward gayness

We live in a straight world. I'm not complaining, it's just a fact. Living in a straight world means that people tend to assume that you are straight even when you look pretty gay, and obviously that results in coming out again and again. What got me thinking is the fact that the only reason I … Continue reading Awkward gayness

Why would a bi girl choose to be with a woman

“Look, if you’re bisexual that means that you’re both into men and women, right? So that means that you’re choosing to be with a woman. That’s stupid. Why are you trying to complicate your own life?”. Let’s all together count the number of bullshit statements that a single person is able to utter in one simple … Continue reading Why would a bi girl choose to be with a woman