Proving that Castiel is -actually- in love with Dean

Ok, so I don't mean this sarcastically, or in a subtext kind of way, I actually mean it in a I-believe-the-character-is-played-like-this kind of way. And here's four things that prove it: 1) The profound bond thing: It may not have been intentional at the beginning, and this line might have been dropped like it was no … Continue reading Proving that Castiel is -actually- in love with Dean


Supernatural & queerbaiting

First off I have to say that I watch Supernatural every week and that it’s one of my favorite shows, so I’m at least a little bit biased about this. Even so, I think that people who claim that Supernatural is queerbating its audience are being unfair, or they just don't know what they're talking … Continue reading Supernatural & queerbaiting

Should Xena be a lesbian?

I’m a nineties child, which means I grew up watching Dragon Ball, Buffy the Vampire Slayer and, obviously, Xena. I loved Xena so much I’m actually surprised I had to wait until I was 15 to realize that I was a raging homo, but that’s not the point of this article. Since I was a … Continue reading Should Xena be a lesbian?

G&T: watch it!

G&T is an Italian webseries and, before you ask, no, it doesn’t talk about how awful it is to be gay in Italy, it’s not a docu-fiction about the state of the works in Rimini and it’s not a soup of stereotypes and ostrich feathers either. G&T talks about feelings (not only, but especially), and … Continue reading G&T: watch it!

Hit the floor: #Zude

This week I'm gonna talk to you about Zude… I mean, Hit the Floor, with the only purpose of convincing you to watch it. Hit the Floor is a show, running every Monday on VH1, that focuses on the loves, lives and dramas (mostly dramas) of the cheerleaders and players of an imaginary basketball team, the … Continue reading Hit the floor: #Zude

Sanremo Rainbow

Most of you have probably never even heard of the Sanremo Festival before. It's an Italian competition where established singers present a new song. After five shows (in five days!) the best one is chosen and the singer receives an award. It's been held for over sixty years, so it's kind of a big deal … Continue reading Sanremo Rainbow

Hotter than abs

The other night LB and I watched Freeheld. Since the movie has received bad reviews, I didn't have high expectations and, in the end, I liked it. Anyway, I could feel that something was missing, but the problem wasn't the absence of lesbian making out scenes or the script. I realized that the problem was … Continue reading Hotter than abs

Checco Zalone: “I can’t condone gay adoption”

  A famous Italian comedian, Checco Zalone - yes, the name does sound just as silly in Italian - while talking to Vanity Fair Italia has released the following statement : "I think there should be civil partnerships [in Italy], but I can't condone a homosexual couple adopting a child". A couple of notes about … Continue reading Checco Zalone: “I can’t condone gay adoption”

Is ‘Looking’ the next ‘Queer as folk’?

When a few months ago I found out that there was going to be a new gay show on the air, I had mixed feelings. I was glad because I thought it was long overdue, but I was also worried that it might be just plain awful. I mean, I loved both Queer as Folk … Continue reading Is ‘Looking’ the next ‘Queer as folk’?