Should lesbians date bisexuals?

  When I first sat down to write this article I thought I might let you in into all the challenges of dating a woman who is both into men and into women. Turns out, there aren’t any. Or at least they aren’t any different to those you would face while dating a lesbian (or … Continue reading Should lesbians date bisexuals?


Why do lesbians like gay porn?

There you have it. Right there, along with "where did we come from?", "why are we here?"and "why did Looking get cancelled when they're still airing Keeping up with the Kardashians?", stands the age old question: why do lesbians like gay porn? I'm gonna be honest with you, I have done some research before writing this article … Continue reading Why do lesbians like gay porn?

Lesbians, marriage and baby-fever

What's wrong with lesbians, nowadays? Don't get me wrong, I'm all for getting married, buying a house in the suburbs and adopting a thousand Chinese babies - fine, maybe not a thousand, but you know what I mean-. What I just can't wrap my head around though, is all these lesbians who move in after … Continue reading Lesbians, marriage and baby-fever

How to ask out a lesbian

Dating is fun, right? Wrong. While it may be fun to actually go on dates - though not everyone agrees with me on that - the process of asking a girl out might be frustrating at best at terrifying at worst. So how do we do it? How do we overcome the fear of rejection? The … Continue reading How to ask out a lesbian

What to do when your best friend is straight (and you’re in love with her)

I'm gonna be totally honest with you: there is no easy solution to this problem, but most of all, there is no right solution. In my experience, if you fall for your straight best friend - and if you're gay there's a good chance of it happening sooner or later, you'd almost say it's a … Continue reading What to do when your best friend is straight (and you’re in love with her)

What to do when your best friend is a lesbian (and she’s in love with you)

The lesbian in love with her best friend: a classic. The poor girl realizes that what she feels for her gaming buddy is anything but platonic or innocent and that she’d rather help her out of her panties than help her out with her latest Dragon Age quest. We all feel for her: poor girl, … Continue reading What to do when your best friend is a lesbian (and she’s in love with you)

When love makes you uglier

A disturbing percentage of people –percentage mostly made up by heterosexuals with zero or very little knowledge of gay culture- believes that lesbians –that all lesbians- possess three characteristics that allow the rest of humanity to point them out in a crowd. The three characteristics are: Short hair (which is also grey if the lesbian … Continue reading When love makes you uglier

Closet limbo

Years ago, shortly after coming out, I was dating a girl who was a little older than me (fine, maybe she was more than just a little older than me, but still not as nearly as old as SB makes it sound whenever she comes up in conversation). Anyway, we were talking about me coming out to … Continue reading Closet limbo

How to spot a lesbian

When I was just out of the closet, all I wanted to do was meeting other lady-loving ladies, but of course I felt like I was in a deserted wasteland where all that was left was straight people and a bunch of flamboyant gay guys. So I started looking around, in the hope of finding … Continue reading How to spot a lesbian

Rules to lesbian dating

I'm aware that the title of this article might sound a little pretentious…I mean, who am I to give people advice on how to get a girl? Let's face it, I'm no Shane McCutcheon. What I can say is that I do have a little experience in that field, so I feel like I should … Continue reading Rules to lesbian dating