Why do I write about gay guys?

I've been asked many times why I write about gay guys while I'm a bisexual woman in a relationship with another woman. My preference about writing about guys seems weird both to guys and girls and, honestly, I found very difficult to understand why until I tried to get exactly what I like about gay male … Continue reading Why do I write about gay guys?


What’s your favorite love story?

So a couple of days ago SnobbishBlond found this thing called meme, which I would say is kind of like a personality test without the answers. We thought it would be fun to do it and then share it on this blog, so that we could also see the other people's answers and opinions. All you have to … Continue reading What’s your favorite love story?

My top five favorite couples

Last Monday I saw for the first time the film of The Hunger Games and, for some reason, I liked it more than I had expected. In fact I liked it so much that I immediately downloaded the first book on my e-reader and read it all in one day. The next day I downloaded … Continue reading My top five favorite couples